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For outstanding feeling in each room!

Trying to merge good acoustics and up-to-date design possibilities we have created a product that perfectly combines these both properties. And we get Glastik Prima panels both for walls and ceilings. This exclusive product has been created as a result of a complicated process and is a new generation product for good acoustics in public spaces. The physical properties allow using the product for all types of public spaces both for ceiling planking and wall lining. The tree-layer technology provides ultimate sound absorption varying with different perforation sizes as well as the acoustic properties of the materials.


Solo Collection

Wall finishing panel system

Solo wall panels offer a great opportunity to make your room interior interesting, unique and cosy. Wooden texture will decorate monotonous plane and create interesting accents. Wood warmth makes the room more comfortable, besides the Solo panels are very functional. They protect the wall from mechanical damages caused by chairs, are easy to maintain and improve the acoustic properties of the room. Since the panels are attached to metal structures they can be easily removed and replaced in case of damage. Special corners protection elements can be integrated into the wall panel system, particularly in the outer corners where it is always essential.


Ceiling finishing panels’ system

A human physical and emotional comfort, ability to work and the mood are affected to a great extent by indoor environmental quality. Unwanted pollution is caused not only by urban dust, but also by unpleasant noises, echoes and sounds from adjacent rooms. These problems can be avoided by using acoustic materials in the room setting.


Solo Linear Collection

Wall finishing panel system

Solo Linear slatted grid-type wall is an unconventional wall finishing solution. The open shape of the panel allows operating the heating elements mounted at the wall. Architectural and linear accent is often required in a modern setting. Linear style and wooden structure interaction create a very interesting harmony. A suitable solution for sports halls, shopping centres, offices, facades.


Suspended ceiling

Solo Linear slatted grid-type ceiling is a modern ceiling finishing solution. Its sound diffusion and wooden aesthetic properties have a beneficial effect. A good choice for sports halls and shopping centres in case the communication systems which are located at the ceiling have to be concealed.


Acoustical elements

The Pianissimo sound absorbers

Acoustical comfort with additional design effect. In high traffic areas where there are many people communicating with each other by telephone and personally the planned space absorbing acoustics provided by the ceiling, floor and furniture is often not enough. The working process is disrupted for all people staying in the room. People are no longer able to concentrate, they experience additional stress and it is impossible to work productively. The long-term exposure to noise can traumatize the human hearing.


The Forte sound reflectors

Diffusers or sound distributors are used to prevent sound distortions in the rooms such as echoes. It is a great alternative or addition to sound absorption as the diffusers use sound energy rather than remove it in order to effectively reduce the different echoes and reflections while leaving live sounding room. In comparison with a reflective surface which makes it possible to reflect most of the energy at an angle that corresponds to the angle of incidence, the diffuser will emit sound energy in many directions, thus creating the expansion of acoustic space.



Interior doors are one of the functional elements of the premises, and each customer may have different requirements. This applies to both the technical features and the design as well as to usable accessories.


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