We have started 2017 with new works and very interesting events. This year is the 10th anniversary of the company Glastik Ltd. and now it is time to modernize our visual image. Currently we are working to prepare a new product catalogue as well as to develop our new website design. We've also created a new logo and a new visual identity. In ten years our company has grown and on a new level is ready to go on to achieve even more. Thank you all for your support in these years of growth!

If you wish to receive our new catalogue, please send us an application and we will post it to you.


SIA Glastik

  • Legal address:
    "Dizkacas", Kekavas novads, Ķekavas pagasts, Latvija, LV - 2123
  • Production address:
    "Dizkacas", Kekavas novads, Ķekavas pagasts, Latvija, LV - 2123.
    GPRS coordinates:
    56° 48' 41.09448708", 24° 11' 11.19174576"
  • (+371) 29804296,
    (+371) 29415832
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If you have any questions, please email us and we will be happy to answer them.

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