The company Glastik was established in 2007 and thanks to successful operating results has become one of the leading producers of wood finishing materials in Baltic region. We have accumulated extensive experience in wood finishing projects taking part in many important European level projects.

The flexibility and individual approach to each project as well as cooperation with experts in various industries promotes the development of high-quality and cost-effective products.

The tree is the oldest building material with excellent aesthetic and technical characteristics highly valued for many centuries and it is ideal for use as a decorative finish also indoor as it creates a pleasant atmosphere and an ecological micro-climate. Due to its characteristics wood is easily processed and combined with other ecological materials and therefore it is possible to create products characterized by a high fire resistance and moisture resistance. The properties of wood panels allow them to be used for both façades and escape routes. However, wooden surface resistance, acoustic properties and fantastic design features form the greatest value of this type of finishing.

We use in our production process only high-quality wood raw material. Broad design options of the veneer make any project unique and the style solution creating inimitable character for the rooms. Every tree trunk is different therefore the product manufactured is also a single to a certain extent. The cutting-edge technologies and equipment as well as high-quality raw materials produced in EU are used in the production process. The company products are CE certified and fire resistant and this is confirmed by the B-s1, d0 fire class.

Many years of experience in different projects allow the company to take the production of timber products characterized with different complexity and shapes. We carefully follow the production process and final product quality because we like what we do. We will be happy if our products can also complement your space.

Our mission: to make your life more beautiful.

SIA Glastik

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    "Dizkacas", Kekavas novads, Ķekavas pagasts, Latvija, LV - 2123
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    "Dizkacas", Kekavas novads, Ķekavas pagasts, Latvija, LV - 2123.
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